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 Examination gloves for single use latex powdered
 Examination gloves for single use latex powderfree
 Examination gloves for single use nitrile and vinyl
 Surgical masks for single use
 Cotton dental rolls
 Needles for anaestesia PREMIUM
 Caps for single use, made of TNT
 Paper products for single use
Paper products for single use

Paper towel
Made of pure cellulose 2 layers.
Size 23 x 33, colour white.
packaging: 3.200 pcs

Paper towel in roll classic 800
Made of pure crapy cellulose.
Length 304 m (800 pieces w.27 cm x l. 38 cm)
Packaging: 2 rolls

Paper towel in roll Monti
Made of pure crapy cellulose, two-layers paper, high absorption capacity
Resistent to water and other solutions.
It does not leak fibres.
Length 337 m (842 pieces sized 27cm x 40 cm)
Packaging: 2 rolls

Napkins 33 cm x 33 cm
Made of pure cellulose 2 layers.
Packaging : 54 bunches of 50 napkins in carton, total 2.700 pieces.

Napkins 38 x 38
Made of pure cellulose.
Packaging : 48 bunches of 50 napkins in carton, total 2.400 pieces.

Hygienical paper
2 layers, soft
Packaging : 10 bags of 6 rolls (6 rolls = 1 kg), total 60 rolls, 6 kg

Mini Tork absorption paper in roll, 2 layers
Made of pure cellulose.
white ( 1,7 x 6 kg)
12 pieces in box

Maxi Tork Strong Jumbo Lucart
Made of pure non-recycled cellulose 2 layers
more hygienical packaging, each roll packed individually
packaging: 12 rolls each of 180 m.

Copri water – absorption paper disposable in water
Made of recycled paper, 100% whitened, keep the objects clear and hygienical;
disposable in water.
packaging: (bunch of 200 sheets) x 10 = 2.000 pcs

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